It’s Time to Say “Yes” to You!

There’s a movie on Netflix based on a book called “Yes Day”. The concept is that parents can get their children a “yes day” where they have to say “yes” to everything the children ask for. Of course, there are boundaries set but for the most part, it’s a day all about...

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A Compliment is Verbal Sunshine

A friend with cancer. A friend with an eating disorder. A friend grieving the loss of their mom. What do all three have in common? They were on the receiving end of my gushing and carrying on about “how great they looked after weight-loss” compliments. And while I...

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Never Let Anyone Mute Your Voice

While growing up I was constantly told I was “too loud.” I talked loud. I sang loud. I think I even sneezed loud. In fact, just ask my mom and she will tell you that year after year my elementary school teachers would encourage her to get my hearing checked. They...

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Trade Your Busy Life for a Full One

It’s starting. The opening back up of the world as we know it. And, I’m itching; like I literally canNOT wait. I know myself. I’m going to want to take advantage of every opportunity to “be busy” and yet, Covid and this pandemic has changed me. Like many of you, I...

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