Jan Johnsen, author of Heaven is a Garden, once said, “A backyard space designed to be a ‘little piece of heaven’ can remake ordinary time and space into something memorable.” This week, we invite you to create your own outdoor self-care space. One that is inviting, welcoming, relaxing, and simply encourages you to kick back and unwind.
Our hope is that by creating your own outdoor oasis, you will be encouraged to spend more time by yourself and with others connecting outdoors. Here are a few tips to get you started:
• Add some plants or flowers as studies have shown these vibrant colors and scents can lower stress levels.
• Get up early and watch the sunrise in your new space. Being awake when the world is still quiet provides both mental and emotional benefits.
• Focus on the right lighting. Nothing is better than unwinding in a cozy lit space. So, string up some fairy lights, put up a few tiki lights or simply burn some candles.
• Think about including a water feature. Maybe it’s a small garden pond or water fountain. Even a birdbath will bring you joy.
• Creating an outdoor self-care space is all in the details. Think about adding pillows, blankets, rugs, decorative plant stands, and lanterns.
Remember, you don’t need a large backyard or screened-in porch to create your own sanctuary. This outdoor space is meant to be a source of enjoyment and refuge; an escape. And, the time in this space should allow you to decompress and do a self-check-in with yourself. Your ultimate goal is to create a space where you can shut out the outside world and turn inward.
I promise, designing and creating this outdoor retreat will be the self-care act that keeps giving back to you all summer long.
Yours Tea•ruly,