Subscription & Gift Options

“I absolutely LOVE the messages. They come into my day at the MOST AMAZING time and fill me with enough energy to get through …” 

Edgerton School District employee

We know that some school districts and businesses can’t support their employees’ well-being fully right now. For those employees, we’ve created a Steeping Wellness Subscription as an option to support individuals who are seeking a happier, healthier, balanced life.

We’re here to guide you in your well-being journey so you can lead your best life. With our Steeping Wellness Subscription, you’ll have access to:

  • One Steep at a Time texting program for motivation throughout your week with inspirational text messages including images, videos, and recordings to support you all week,
  • A weekly guided meditation,
  • Our monthly newsletter (the TeaTimes) and audiocast (SteepCast)
  • A fun and meaningful monthly challenge, and
  • More!


“I have really enjoyed the text messages, they are short and seem to come at the perfect time! I can read them, give myself a second to reset and process and it gives me something to think about. This is much easier for me than the emails!”

Mallory I.

“It’s like someone is jogging behind me. I want to quit the run but just when I’m about to give up the someone behind me encourages me to keep going… ”

Cathy H.