Steeping Wellness for School Districts

Support the Well-Being of Teachers; Support the Students

Educators are facing more and more emotional demands as time goes on.  The challenges are extensive, even before the pandemic when educators were asked to change how they were teaching and interacting with students on a dime. Important movements including equity and social justice, trauma-informed schools, and social-emotional learning are crucial to the improvement of schools and society, yet can be draining work to carry out.  Educators need support in place to help rejuvenate and restore their well-being so they can then reengage with this work to make the impact we’re all working toward.

Steeping Wellness programs are proven to take care of educators and help them learn how to take care of themselves.  When educators have the permission, resources, and knowledge to engage in their own well-being, the impact on their students and these crucial movements is immense.

According to Penn State University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, teaching is tied with nursing as the most stressful occupation.  Teacher stress directly correlates to student achievement declines, inequity in education access, and monetary loss for the district.  Additionally, research out of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence shows adults who are in front of children (teachers, caregivers, etc) who are not emotionally well themselves can have a detrimental affect on students.

One proven way to support teachers’ well-being, improve student outcomes, and save money is to have workplace wellness programs. Other positive impacts of worksite wellness include:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity and presenteeism
  • Reduced personal health care cost

Kalise at Dodgeland Elementary School
Teachers Holding Tennis Balls

Let Steeping Wellness help your district flourish with a customized plan.

Unique Plans for Unique Schools

Since no public school, charter school, private school, or online academy is the same, we take pride in customizing packages just for you to ensure the most effective and sustainable programs. We invite you to take a look at some of our offerings below to help give you examples. When you’re ready for us to create a proposal for you, please reach out to us so we can determine the best fit for your needs.

Wellness Program Consulting

We’ve had some amazing conversations to guide us to what our clients really need from us. The last thing we want to do is add to someone’s workload who is already overworked and stressed out. Steeping Wellness can customize packages designed to “take the wheel” of a wellness program and become the drivers. We use survey data, input from district teams including administration, and our experience to create a customized wellness program. From there, we send the district communications, organize all offerings, and can lead wellness team meetings if requested. Through this package, we’ve seen wellness programs that couldn’t get off the ground really come alive – invigorating staff and students and encouraging them to live their best lives.

School staff at workshop

Professional Development Workshops

Educators are natural givers who spend endless hours offering support to their students, colleagues, communities, and families, often leaving themselves neglected. The importance of educators taking care of themselves is even reflected as one of the main components in trauma-informed care (compassion resilience).

We offer learning sessions on a variety of topics related to health and well-being. We can coordinate “Care4U” days with wellness activities to immerse staff in as a way to give back and show them that they have permission to take care of themselves. Our Self-Care Academy provides educators with hands-on experiential training in self-care. Learn more about wellness opportunities here.

Personalized Motivation & Challenges

Wellness Committee Facilitation & Analysis

“My first interaction with Kalise was on my first day at GCMS. Every contact I have with her has been like the first, full of enthusiasm for whatever she is up to and done so with a sense of pride and professionalism.  I am proud to say I worked alongside Kalise, who does whatever it takes to help students, staff and families become better people in our community.”

-Bill Deno. Former Principal, Glacier Creek Middle School, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Next Steps

When you’re ready to learn more, contact us for more information on these packages or to build a customized package.

  1. We’ll meet via a telephonic or in-person meeting to discuss where you are and where you’re going (or want to be).
  2. Using consultation information provided, we will design a proposal that’s best for you and your employees.
  3. We’ll meet again to go over your proposal, make any adjustments you deem necessary and come to an agreement that’s the best fit for you.
  4. Sign the contract and we’ll get to work!