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 If we look at everything that we have to do in an hour, a day, a week, it can feel really overwhelming. When we break things down and focus on just one thing at a time, it starts to feel more manageable. Turns out, we’re not really that great at multitasking, so by choosing one thing that’s the highest priority and getting it done, we are a whole lot more productive.

 Take the clock as an example. If we look at all the ticks and tocks it has to take in just a minute, it might seem like a lot. When we break it down into one “tick at a time”, we can see that there’s a tick, and then a rest, a tick, and then a rest. It seems a lot more realistic when we look at it this way.


Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by a lot of to-do’s, start by making a list of them. Once you have a list, try to choose one thing that’s the most important at that moment and get it done. When it’s done, take a short rest, celebrate the accomplishment and then go onto the next priority. Tick, rest, tick, rest. Or as we like to say at Steeping Wellness, “Take things one STEEP at a time.”

 “Take life by an inch; it’s a cinch. Life by the yard; it’s hard.”