Have you ever written a letter to your future self? Doing this self-care practice can be a really cathartic and insightful experience! And, we have the perfect tool to help; futureme.org. This incredible website allows you to write an email based letter to yourself that will then be delivered on a future date of your choice!

Surprise! Imagine in one, five, or even ten years receiving a letter from your past self? How cool to open your letter and have the opportunity to see how much you’ve grown and assess your goals and accomplishments? Still on the fence? Ask yourself this, “How would I feel if I got a letter from my past self today?” I’m guessing pretty excited, right? Here’s how to get started:
Start your letter by sharing about your present self. What’s going on in your current life? And, remember to be specific. In order to rekindle the most accurate memories, it’s important to add as much detail as possible.
Look back before you look forward. Provide an update by writing about your current friends, family, career, health and any recent accomplishments or successes.

Freewrite. Spend a little time asking yourself the following questions and write down what is on your mind and heart.
Am I happy and what hopes do I hold for myself in the future?
What’s important to me right now?
Is there anything impactful going on in the world around me?
What worries, obstacles, and frustrations do I face?
What are some ways I can love my future self

Set goals and make predictions. This is where the challenge and fun comes in! Where do you want to be and what do you think will happen between now and the time you read your letter?

Give yourself a pep-talk. Think of this as an exercise in self-love. End your letter with some words of encouragement, some inspiration and some advice.
Steepers, while time travel isn’t possible yet, writing a letter to your future self is a close second. We promise, your future self will thank you.