Why Employee Wellness?

While we’re rooted in well-being for educators, we’ve also expanded through the years to offer our services for businesses and organizations as well.

A person’s wellness impacts the number of sick days they take, their job performance, burnout, and their likelihood to leave your organization. Holistic employee wellness programs include opportunities for staff to enhance their physical, mental, social, financial, spiritual, and emotional well-being. When a quality wellness program is in place, employees feel supported, happier, healthier, and more engaged in their work.

Positive impacts of worksite wellness:

  • Higher recruitment and retention rates,
  • Greater job satisfaction,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Decreased absenteeism,
  • Improved morale,
  • Reduced personal health care costs, and
  • Empowered leaders.

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“As a school district  leader, I have been impressed with Kalise through her countless ideas, innovations, and thoughtful opportunities to engage staff in wellness.  I encourage your organization to ‘Be Well’ with a facilitator, leader, and innovator who can meet employees where they are.  Wellness matters and your investment starts with meaningful guidance, support, and ownership.”

Tad Wehner

Director of Finance and Personnel, Edgerton School District

“The wisdom of our decision to partner with Steeping Wellness has been repeatedly confirmed.  Their resources are relevant, purposeful, and valued.  Our partnership with Steeping Wellness is making a significant and positive difference in the well-being of our employees.”

Annette VanHook Thompson, Ed.D.

District Administrator, Dodgeland School District