Steeping Studio for Business

We are so excited to assist you in creating a space for employees to escape from the stress of the day and allow them to feel supported as they relax and restore. We offer Steeping Studios as a service for one day or Steeping Studios can be purchased to help restore the minds and bodies of all employees every day.

Steeping Studios are places for employees to immerse themselves in relaxation. Several options are available and may include grounding with weighted blankets, resting in a zero gravity chair, exploring essential oils, and more, all while a calm scene plays on the wall and music helps relax the mind and body. Steeping Studios can be set up in any space, such as an empty office or conference room, and is customized for you with many options to enhance the well-being of staff.

What Are People Saying About Steeping Studios?
“I love it! Thanks so much for setting this up and SO quickly! The staff love it.” – Nurse from Waupaca, WI

“It’s amazing. Pictures don’t do it justice.” – Hospital employee from Waupaca, WI

“Oh my! I need to come back there.” – Former employee after seeing the hospital had a Steeping Studio in it

To learn more or to schedule a Steeping Studio, contact us.