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“Caring For You” Days: Wellness Opportunities for staff
We coordinate wellness activities for staff to immerse themselves in as a way to give back to employees. Simply let us know how much time you have and any special requests or requirements, then we’ll organize the rest to show your employees that they have permission to take care of themselves. Since we’re taking care of it all, business leadership is free to become role models for their staff by engaging in the activities as well.

Supporting the Culture of Well-Being (for Leaders)
The culture of wellness in a building is often a direct result of how the leadership views the importance of well-being. Well-being affects burnout, job performance, turnover, engagement, and more in your organization. Since leaders and managers have the power to make or break a culture, leaders will learn how to model and support wellness for their staff and clients to enhance the culture of their organization.

Steeping Wellness offers a variety of workshops to bring practical, research-based practices to your organization. From our experience, these featured topics create the highest impact on overall wellness and the mental well-being of your employees*:

  • Keeping Balanced All Year
  • The Power of Positive Thoughts & the Impact on Mental Health
  • Increasing Movement in Your Workday
  • Steeping Self-care All Day for the Professional: The importance of taking time for you and how to make it happen
  • Rest, Relaxation and Guided Meditation

* More topics are available upon request.

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