Guilty Pleasure. How does that phrase even exist? How can something be pleasurable if it brings us guilt? I mean, if on the weekend you love binging The Real Housewives, spending hours on Pinterest creating boards, or scrolling golf swing videos one after another on Tik Tok, who am I to judge? And, if these activities feel so good, why are we hesitant to admit we’ve partaken?

This month, I’m here to tell you it’s OKAY to indulge in frivolous activities. Also, you can drop your shame and embarrassment about it because these harmless habits are good for your well-being. Besides, pleasure is subjective and even though society often tells us we should spend our free time improving our knowledge or making positive contributions to society, our brains need rest. Of course too much of anything can backfire, so check-in every now and then to make sure your positive pleasures do not become liabilities.

The next time you give yourself a dose of pleasurable self-care, and the “guilts” start to creep in, remember that pleasure is productive and you deserve to experience joy without guilt. So enjoy your manicures, eat the pint of ice-cream and spend your entire Sunday watching your favorite show. You’ve earned it.