How many of you have experienced your mind hovering in the past or visiting the future causing anxious thoughts or stress-fueled over thinking? Yep, me. Or, you set an intention for the day only to have anxiety sneak in and derail your goals or plans? Yep, me again. My question for you is when that anxiety does pop up, like it has a tendency to do, do you have a self-care tool and how do you move through that stressful time?

This week, Steeping Wellness would like to introduce the idea of creating and using an Anxiety Mantra in the hopes you will have a tool in your self-care toolkit to make it easier when you need to release your anxiety. A Mantra won’t be the end-all cure, but it can help you move past your fears and worries.

A Mantra is one of the most simple, common and powerful techniques used in mindfulness and meditation. It can be one word, an easy to remember phrase or even an object you focus on that can be repeated or visualized to help calm, center and steady your mind. Most importantly, your Mantra is a reminder that you have felt this way before and you 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 get through it.

The idea is you have a Mantra in your mental back pocket for when your mind starts to race or spin out of control. No matter how you use Mantras, what’s most important is finding one that’s right for you.

Here are a few Mantras you can choose from for the next time anxiety strikes and we of course welcome you to create your own.

• I give myself permission to let this anxiety go.
• Just for today.
• Breathe in. Breathe out.
• Look how far I’ve come.
• It’s not about you.
• Other people feel this way too.
• I am enough. (My personal go to)
• One Steep at a Time.

And remember, Mantras are for everyone. You just need to believe in your positive, affirmative word or phrase and know the positive vibes you are sending your brain will help ease your anxiety.

Tea•lightfully yours,