Who here is still on the “new year” train? I mean, I know it’s been a month (and whoa, has it been a month), but I’m still thinking about the “new year” and the possibility of a “new me.” And what I’ve decided is, the “new year” does not require a “new me.” In fact, I’ve done more pausing, well-being check-ins, self-reflection, journaling, and personal development over the past two years than I’ve ever done in my entire life!

Truthfully, I don’t even like the idea that there is something wrong with the “current me.” Finally, after all these years, I’ve come to accept that while I am far from perfect, I like the “current me.” Wait, I LOVE the “current me.”

I’ve also discovered I’m not quite sure what “living my best life” or “being my best self” really means or looks like, for that matter. If anything, I’m becoming positively okay with being “less than my best self.” I like to think optimistically. If I’m living a life a little less than I could be, then there’s always room for improvement. How exciting to think I’m still on a journey to becoming my “best self” and have limitless potential!

So, while it’s tempting to jump on the “new year – new me” resolution bandwagon, I’m going to pass. The way I see it, I do not need to change the person I am. And if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that I’m good enough, strong enough, and most importantly, loved enough. And Steepers, so are you.