If we told you we had one way to prevent overwhelm and burnout while helping you to stress less and focus on what matters more, would you try it?  It’s called creating Mind Space and it’s something we do here at Steeping Wellness all the time.
Think of creating Mind Space as downloading all the thoughts and feelings from your head onto paper. This is your no filter opportunity to declutter your mind and can be done anytime you are in need of a brain reset. From the committee of people trying to talk to you, to the tornado of thoughts and to-do’s swirling around in your head, nailing and writing them all down into absolutes can help!
Then, after listing upcoming appointments, tasks you need to complete, conversations you need to have, and anything else that is on your heart, you can decide whether to leave it all there, or to create categories, prioritize, and perhaps take action.
Some benefits to creating Mind Space include:
• Having a clear mind and clear space to move forward.
• Ability to be more present in the current moment (staff meeting, class, family time, before bed, enjoying your hobby, etc.).
• Helping you let go of the things you do not need to worry about at that moment.
This month when you’re feeling anxious, worried, or stressed, and your brain is a bit of a mess, we encourage you to fix this overwhelming sensation by creating some Mind Space.