How many of you have heard this quote before? And, have you ever really taken time to thank someone who taught you, your kids, your family? Now more than ever, teachers need our kindness, care, support, and gratitude.
This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to share a few ideas on how you can celebrate and thank the educators in your life! Remember, educators are not only those who are in front of the classroom, but include librarians, support aides, bus drivers, food service, and more! Here are a few ideas to get you started.
• Write and mail a handwritten note or card to a former educator. Imagine their surprise when they open it!
• Write and mail a handwritten note or card to one of your children’s or nieces/nephews educators. Email is great and the touch from a personal note is even better.
• Send an educator a small gift card to a cafe/restaurant for now or later. With Covid precautions, typical potlucks and luncheons won’t be happening and a gift card is a nice alternative.
• Give the gift that keeps on blooming – Send a potted plant or succulent!
• What about a gift card for next year’s school supplies? We all know how much educators spend out of their own pocket for classroom supplies.
• Have your kids create a short 30 second Thank You video they can send.
• Team up with other families and make a photo collage Thank you.
• Send their family a dinner through Grub Hub or Door Dash.
• Plant a tree in honor of your teacher through the Arbor Day Foundation.
And, to all our educator friends out there, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We at Steeping Wellness continue to be your number one fan. You seize to amaze us and your commitment to your students is nothing less than amazing. 🧡
Many thanks.
Pam, Kalise & Aly
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