Let me guess, our post got your attention, am I right? Perfect, that was the point! This week, Steeping Wellness would like you to take a purposeful drink pause every morning before you begin your day. And while we are not advocating alcohol for breakfast, we are inviting you to experiment with the following five ideas in the hopes your days will begin to feel a little different.

• Whatever your choice may be, start with mindfulness, presence and intention. Pay attention as you prepare your beverage. The sounds, the aroma, the warmth of the cup in your hand, even the taste as you take your first sip.
• Focus on the experience, not your to-do list. While it may be tempting to multi-task during this pause, just meet the moment with you and your cup in hand. Set aside your phone, your laptop and even turn off the TV. This moment was made for you to be intentionally engaged and grounded in the present moment.
• While there is nothing wrong with a cup or two of caffeinated coffee, too much can lead to dehydration, heartburn, even anxiety and diminished sleep quality. Try one of the following instead: Infused Water (consider adding lemon or mint for a hint of flavor and vitamins), Macha or Chai Tea (both have small amounts of caffeine and aid in digestion).
• “Hey, that’s MY mug.” Did you know that 60% of people say they have an emotional attachment to their favorite mug? Maybe you already have your own favorite, cherished mug. If not, be on the lookout for a new mug that conveys attitude, memories, purpose or simply makes you feel at home.
• And lastly, remember to be gentle and patient with yourself AND, give yourself grace. While living our lives in perpetual busyness and constant distraction has been the norm, now is the time to practice the drink pause and learn how to become more present.
Deligh•tea•fully yours,
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