Celebrating Thanksgiving solo this year? You are not alone… Well, technically you are… but, you get what I mean. For safety reasons, many of us are making the choice to spend Thanksgiving at home, away from family and friends. And, I am one of them.

To be completely honest, Covid-19 and the current conditions have left me a little blue. However, in typical Pam fashion, I’m also feeling creative and inspired, for this Thanksgiving, is an opportunity to think outside the box!

This week, Steeping Wellness wants to help make sure your Thanksgiving is meaningful and memorable as you keep you and your family safe. We invite you to ‘table’ your traditional holiday activities and try one, or more, of the following ideas:

• Dine together, virtually. Do you have a family member who is tech-savvy? Ask them to broadcast your computer display on your TV. This can make your family and friends seem a little more life-size.
• Go easy on the menu, literally. Preparing an entire Thanksgiving feast is a lot of work. This year, go for an appetizer or side dish only menu. And, to further give yourself a break, order these ahead of time from your local grocery store or help support a local restaurant hit hard by the pandemic.
• Start a new tradition. Do a recipe swap with friends a few days before, send your family a dessert care package, or plan a virtual game night!

Lastly, do whatever it is YOU want to do. Let this be the Thanksgiving where you stay in your pajamas, binge Netflix, and eat pie all day because if it brings you joy, know there is no right or wrong way to celebrate. 🧡

Gra•tea•fully yours,