There is so much gratitude we’re feeling (and choosing to focus on) for this time of distancing. AND, we’re also very aware of that feeling of being hungry, or bored, or just walking by the fridge and feeling like we should open it. For that reason, this Monday Mo-tea-vation is focused on tips to help you social distance from your refrigerator:
– Stay hydrated. This goes off of the #SteepingSunday from yesterday, but often when we’re feeling “hungry”, we’re actually thirsty. Drinking water can help curb hunger pangs.
– Only eat in the kitchen/dining room. Our brains do a lot of association. If you have been taking snacks to your new “home office” you’re created (new space, converted space, living room couch, wherever), we start to associate working or being in that designated space with eating. By keeping eating to one designated space, it can help tell our brains “no eating here” and keep the temptation down.
– Have nutritious snack options easily accessible. Have them at eye height in the fridge and pantry so that’s the first thing your eye sees. When you do snack then, it’s more likely to be a healthy choice.
– Along with the last suggestion, don’t keep many “junk food” options in the house. It can be hard during these times but if we don’t have it in front of us, it’s a whole lot easier to not make it a choice.
– Create an eating schedule, just like many of the other new routines we’re creating. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Perhaps one of those snacks has to be a fruit or vegetable to help increase your vitamin and mineral intake.
– Snack prep. Wash all the fruits and veggies and have them ready in snack-sized containers (or large containers ready for you to take your portion and put it into a bowl). When there are easy-grabs ready for you, you’re also more likely to choose those versus having to wash, peel and then cut the carrots.
– When you’re feeling like you want a snack, step outside for a short walk. Perhaps it will be just the boost your body (and mind) is craving.
– Most of all, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. This too shall pass and if a few extra snacks helps make you feel better, than that’s what it is. Try to get key nutrients to help boost your immune system, but try not to stress about it either- which also negatively impacts immunity.