I recently came across the following quote by L’Oreal Thompson Payton – “Don’t let anyone bully you into finishing the year strong. It’s enough to simply finish.” This reminded me of similar messages I received during my 20+ years of teaching. And while it is still important to show up and be productive, I also want to encourage you to finish the year with self-compassion.

During 2020, we collectively went through and experienced so much that was out of our control. We faced uncertain times, loss and grief. And the truth is, most of us are just exhausted.

However, time and time again, we were able to shift gears, recover from difficult situations and in the end, persevere. We have proved to ourselves, once again, that we can do hard things.

As we enter our final two weeks of 2020, remember self-care is all about treating yourself with respect, acceptance and appreciation. And while it can be tempting to push yourself to “finish strong,” know you deserve to show yourself compassion. So, we invite you to finish the year in any way that you are capable and celebrate your arrival. From all of us at Steeping Wellness, we are proud of you.
Deligh•tea•fully yours,
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