How often do you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up? Maybe it’s because that’s where your alarm is, but then what do you do? Do you open your email? Social media? How much time does it take before you put it down and get out of bed?
I’ve started to pay attention to this lately, and find that not only am I wasting time in the morning, but it doesn’t always put me in the best mood – the easiest way to get upset is to read the comments section, after all. This week, we invite you to leave your phone alone in the morning and practice something that will help uplift your spirits. Here are some ideas:
– Get in some movement. Stretch, practice yoga, get outside and go for a walk or run.
– Mindfully drink your tea/coffee/lemon water. Fire up all of your senses to slowly enjoy the moment with your favorite morning drink.
– Stay in bed with a book or snuggle a loved one or pet. Enjoy the comfort of bed.
– Turn on some music that makes you happy and dance if it feels good. Music can have a profound effect on our mood – use it to your benefit! (Hello, “Walking on Sunshine”!)
– Set a mantra for the day. “Today is a good day.” “We can do hard things.” “I am enough.” “Ease and flow.”
– Practice mindfulness. Spend a few minutes journaling what you’re grateful for, taking some deep grounding breaths, or following along with a guided meditation.
I hope these ideas help you start your days a little bit softer this week.
Hugs to you,