Do any of these statements sound familiar?

~ You should be more grateful.
~ You should meditate.
~ You should exercise more.
~ You should get a new car.
~ You should declutter.
~ You should take a break from social media.
~ You should relax and have more fun.

Yes? Well, we want to help you break free from the “should” police and rediscover your joy and what you really want!

Finding joy and doing what we actually want can be difficult during these challenging times. Right now, all of us are feeling so many different emotions that require our attention and care that we are losing sight of who we really are and what makes us happy. It’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed as we try to find our way through this global pandemic and while we hope you are able to prioritize happiness and joy, we also understand maintaining this focus can be a struggle.

This week, Steeping Wellness invites you to try the following practices in an effort to bring your “should/want” mentality back into balance.

1. Remember to ask yourself throughout the day, “Am I doing this because I want to or because I think I “should?” If it goes against your hopes, your conscience or what your gut is telling you; peace out.
2. Look for red flags. When someone tells you, you “should” do something, stop and consider whether it is something you truly value or is it an expectation that others have for you. The actual word “should” should set off an alarm.
3. Just stop saying the word. Challenge yourself this week to stop using the word “should.” The language we use matters and by eliminating the word “should” you tell yourself, and others, that YOU are in charge of your own life.

By practicing the steps above, we hope you are able to”unshould’ yourself this week and please know we are with you every ‘steep’ of the way.
#steepingsundays #letthatshouldgo