Why School Wellness?

Support the Well-Being of Educators; Support the Students

Educators are facing more and more emotional demands as time goes on.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic when educators were asked to change how they were teaching and interacting with students on a dime, the challenges have been extensive.  Important movements including equity and social justice, trauma-informed schools, and social-emotional learning are crucial to the improvement of schools and society, yet can be draining work to carry out.  Educators need support in place to help rejuvenate and restore their well-being so they can then reengage with this work to make the impact we’re all working toward.

Steeping Wellness programs are proven to take care of educators and help them learn how to take care of themselves.  When educators have the permission, resources, and knowledge to engage in their own well-being, the impact on their students and these crucial movements is immense.

According to Penn State University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, teaching is tied with nursing as the most stressful occupation.  Teacher stress directly correlates to student achievement declines, inequity in education access, and monetary loss for the district.  One proven way to support teachers’ well-being, improve student outcomes, and save money is to have workplace wellness programs.  Let Steeping Wellness help your district thrive.

Other positive impacts of worksite wellness:

  • Higher retention rates,
  • Greater job satisfaction,
  • Increased productivity and presenteeism, and
  • Reduced personal health care costs.

By looking at tools such as the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model, we can put practices in place to help ensure a holistic approach to well-being in your district.

“The wisdom of our decision to partner with Steeping Wellness has been repeatedly confirmed.  As fellow educators, Kalise and Pam understand both the joy and the challenges inherent in our demanding work. Their resources are relevant, purposeful, and valued.  Our partnership with Steeping Wellness is making a significant and positive difference in the well-being of our employees.”

Annette VanHook Thompson, Ed.D.

District Administrator, Dodgeland School District

“As a school district leader, I have been impressed with Kalise through her countless ideas, innovations, and thoughtful opportunities to engage staff in wellness.  By our District contracting with Kalise at Steeping Wellness, our staff has access to an educator who understands K-12 Education and the physical and emotional challenges associated with our important work to serve children, families, and our communities.  I encourage your organization to ‘Be Well’ with a facilitator, leader, and innovator who can meet employees where they are.  Wellness matters and your investment starts with meaningful guidance, support, and ownership.”

Tad Wehner

Director of Finance and Personnel, Edgerton School District