🎼Back to Life; Back to Reality…
Who remembers that song by Soul II Soul? I know I’ve resentfully sung it a few times coming back from any type of break or vacation. And while there are some of us that are ready to dive in headfirst to pre-covid reality, others are feeling a bit anxious, nervous or uncertain as to what life they really want to dive back into?
I hear and feel those of you who were ready to reenter the world like yesterday, and I also hear and feel those of you who have reservations. If you are anything like me, I have mixed emotions. I’m both excited and yet not quite ready to go back to the exact same life. The exact same overscheduled, hamster wheel, almost.. survival of the fittest lifestyle I had pre-covid.
The real question is, how do we go out again and have peace of mind after Covid shut down so much of our world? And, do this while taking care of ourselves. Let’s face it, we just experienced a full year of on-again-off-again lockdowns, rising infection rates, non-stop news and social media information and for many of you, a complete and total shake-up of how you perform your jobs. In a nutshell, it changed the way we work, we play, and we live.
However, consider this; what if re-entry was the best time of your life? We at Steeping Wellness want to support your reentry by giving you some tips to help make this transition back less stressful and more positive!
• Acknowledge your feelings: If you are anxious about returning to “normal” post covid, know you are not alone.
• Focus on what you can control: Practice being in the present moment. And, let go and walk away from what you can’t control.
• Go at your own pace: Reintroduce things slowly and at a rate that feels comfortable. You set the timetable. It’s okay to come out of your “covid shell” gradually,
• Decide your level of involvement: Think about and know what you really want and how much you want to interact. Are you ready for this back to life “amp up?”
• Develop your own safety protocols: Remember, what you do to protect yourself is no one else’s business.
• Remember to make quiet, downtime a non-negotiable: You need to make yourself your own priority.
• Ask for help: If anything, the increase in telemedicine services has been life-changing. Take advantage and schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or therapist if you need support.
As always, give yourself grace and know you have permission to do, feel, be and live your life in any way you choose.
Take good care and make the most of this reentry, Steepers.
🧡 Pam