As long as there is email, there will be occasional hurtful messages. We know words can cause pain and your feelings matter. While we cannot stop these emails from arriving into your inbox, there are some things we believe can help save you time, stress and heartache. This week, we’ve combined our Steeping Sunday steps with a musical playlist. We know Email is a challenging way to communicate and the truth is, we could all use a little help.
• Just Breathe – Faith Hill was right all along. IN….. OUT…….
• Walking Away – Take Jason Aldean’s advice; walk away from the keyboard.
• Don’t – Unless you are in danger or being harassed, Ed Sheeran suggests don’t share, don’t forward, don’t stoop.
• Sweet Dreams – Annie Lennox recommends to simply sleep on it.
• Hello – If you are comfortable, Adele encourages us to pick up that phone and say, “Hello, it’s me.”
• What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger – While not for everyone, Kelly Clarkson speaks to me. You will make it through this hard time, too.
• Please Forgive Me – Do a self-check and accept any responsibility. That’s what Bryan Adams would do.
• Let it Go – Finally; I can be grateful for that Frozen song!
Take good care this week, Steepers and if you have any other helpful suggestions on how to deal with emails that can be hurtful, please share in the comments.
Yours in gra•tea•tude,
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