Have you ever heard this joke? I made a huge “to do” list for today; I just can’t figure out who’s going to do it. Or, if you are like Kalise and me, we like to cheat and put items on our “to do” list that we have already completed…. JUST to cross them off. 🤷‍♀️😂
If you are struggling to get focused, a great place to start is with a properly written “to do” list. However, it’s more than just jotting down everything you have to do onto a sheet of paper and checking a box as you complete each task.
This week we invite you to try one or more of the following ideas when creating your list.
• Pick Your Medium: For those of you who haven’t picked up a pen since 1991, I invite you to handwrite your list. Research suggests that writing out your list will actually result in tackling more. And, don’t be afraid to get creative! Draw, doodle, and use a variety of colors. The more fun your “to do” list looks, the happier your brain will be.
• Reframe Your List: Consider adding a short note after each item about why it’s on your list. Define the value, what it means and why it matters to have this task complete.
• Divide your list into two columns – High Value or MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) and Low Value or IOC’s (Icing on the Cake): Keep your most pressing and important tasks first and anything else you get to is like the cherry on top!
• Practice the “Let’s be Honest” Approach: The truth is, long and overcommitting lists can be uber unmotivating. Instead, create a list of things your gut is telling you, you will actually do. When you create a “Let’s be Honest” list, your approach shifts, and instead of planning what you hope to accomplish you create a better and more realistic plan.
• Of course a healthy “to do” list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include self-care reminders. So, add morning stretches, mid-day movement breaks, and don’t forget to jot down a visit to a water hydration station!
Creating an efficient “to do” list that you will stick to can be life-changing. And, if ‘Lists” have never been your jam, ask yourself this, “Am I struggling to make sense of my goals or could I use a little help focusing, prioritizing, and saving time and energy?” If the answer to any of these is “yes” then this week’s Steeping Sunday challenge might be worth a shot.
Happy Doing!