Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to show and share your love for others 💚 AND yourself! Oftentimes we spend so much time focused on others that we forget to spend time indulging in self-love. Self-love is a form of self-care and essential for our well-being.
Here are a few ways you could practice self-love today and every day:
– Make an appointment with your therapist or find one
– When someone compliments you, say “thank you”
– Make a list of ten things you love about yourself then try to add one thing each day
– Look in the mirror and pick out three things you love about your reflection
– Find a mantra that works for you and your needs like “What others think about me is none of my business” or “You are kind. You are smart. You are important.” or “The work I do matters. I matter.”
– Buy yourself fresh flowers
– Go for a walk in nature or simply find a spot to sit (yes, even and especially in the winter)
What are some ways that you practice self-love?