Happy Steeping Sunday!
Congratulations, you did it! You made it through your first full week of 2021 and we are so excited to be a part of a new chapter in the story of your life. Please know, as always, we are proud of you!
A new year means new beginnings, fresh starts, and usually, resolutions. This week we invite you to start a new tradition; setting daily and/or weekly intentions. Don’t get us wrong, year-long resolutions and goals are great, but if 2020 taught us anything, it’s to take things day by day and that there is only so much we can plan for.
What’s the difference between a goal and an intention you ask? Good question! Goals are things we hope to achieve in the future, usually tangible, and are attached to an expectation or have a specific outcome (run a marathon, lose 25 pounds, get a promotion). Intentions are small commitments that come from the heart. They are more about how we want to think, act, feel, or live our life on a daily basis. (Letting go of fear, sending compassion out into the world, embracing change). Simply put ~ future thinking vs. present moment.
In order to help you get started in forming your daily/weekly intention(s), here are a few tips.
Ask yourself:
• What matters most?
• What would you like to build, create or nurture in your life?
• How do you feel when you are your happiest self?
• What words would you like to align yourself with?
• What makes you proud?
Choose and set your intention.
• Choose an intention that brings your heart and mind into alignment.
• Remember, your intention can be a clear and specific wish or a simple word or phrase.
Check-in with yourself along the way.
• Simply setting and stating your intention won’t be enough. You will need to revisit your intention often and when needed.
• When you are feeling off-center and need a little grounding, reconnect with your intention for a quick reset.
• And as always, be gentle and compassionate with yourself. If you begin to notice your mind wandering or you drift or stray away from your intention, remember, tomorrow is a new day and you can begin again.
Intention setting can be a life-changing practice. By living a life of intention you become more purposeful. Deepak Chopra said it best, “Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention.” Remember, your intention creates your reality. What’s mine you ask? To show up for myself and allow myself grace. And, to bring joy, love, laughter, and light into other people’s lives.
Intentionally yours,