Self-Care Academy for Businesses

Immerse yourself (and your employees) into hands-on experiential training in self-care with our Self-Care Academy.

Virtual Self-Care Academy
With work/life balance harder than ever, we invite you to join us for a Virtual Self-Care Academy that will focus specifically on taking care of ourselves during these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During our time together, you will be guided by Pam and Kalise as we dive deeper into practices to help you feel balanced at a time we’re all running on empty. There will be opportunities to ground together, journal, reflect, and to learn and experience techniques to help you feel prepared to take care of yourself. By taking care of ourselves, we allow us to serve others (partners, families, friends, coworkers, customers) with our overflow.

To learn more or to sign up for an upcoming VSCA, contact us.

Upcoming Virtual Self-Care Academies
Coming soon…

Self-Care Academy (On-Site)
The Steeping Wellness Self-Care Academy is an experience for anyone needing support on how to infuse wellness and self-care opportunities into their workdays and lives. We like to think of the Academy as a workshop with a built-in retreat. In addition to experiencing several options for self-care, learning practical tips, and creating plans to achieve better well-being, all participants receive Steeping Wellness swag and a year’s worth of monthly wellness newsletters to help keep them on track.

Upcoming Self-Care Academies
There are no public Self-Care Academies currently scheduled.

To host your own Self-Care Academy, contact us.