Squad, gang, crew, circle, peeps, your person – Whatever you call that cherished person or group of individuals who always have your back, today let’s pause, savor and celebrate them. Really take a moment to think about that friend you can always call when you need advice. Or, that family member you insta-text when you need to vent? These are your people, your community, and your very necessary support system.
If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to do this life together. I mean, we’re all like Barbara Streisand, right? 🎼“People, people who need people” (totally just dated myself, lol).
I think about all the times over the years when I felt discouraged, questioned my abilities, or wanted to give up due to failure. And while there was a big part of me who wanted to be strong, independent, and fix myself, there was an even bigger part of me that wanted desperately to reach out, and hear the voices of my people and lean on those that had my back.
This week, I invite you to reflect mentally or through journaling, on who are YOUR people and why. And, how can you show your appreciation for them always showing up for you?
Here are a few prompts:
• Who do you go to for emotional support? Who makes you laugh, calms you down, or simply listens when you need to unload?
• Who do you most trust when you need advice? Who do you share viewpoints and values with?
• Who tolerates and appreciates your differences and you know will honestly criticize when necessary?
• Lastly, how can you show one or more of these people kindness, care, and gratitude this week? Maybe it’s as simple as sending a text or really taking time to write them a thank you letter. However you choose to thank them, your acknowledgment of their support will be a treasured gift.
Remember, it’s not only important to recognize and value the people who are on your side, but show them gratitude as well. Just like the theme song from The Golden Girls, “Thank You for Being a Friend” (there I go dating myself again), remember to do just that! Thank them – let them know! And, Steeping Wellness will always be here for you. We too are a part of your support community and will always have your back.
Yours in communi•tea,