How to Create Mindful Bliss with Mind Space

If we told you we had one way to prevent overwhelm and burnout while helping you to stress less and focus on what matters more, would you try it?  It’s called creating Mind Space and it’s something we do here at Steeping Wellness all the time. Think of creating Mind...

Wisdom is the Reward of Experience and Advice. Both Should be Shared.

Have you ever been given a piece of advice you still use today? The thing is, everybody has advice to give and while some goes in one ear and out the other, some sticks with us; changes our life for the better. Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. I’ve been lucky and...

No Shame in Your Pleasure Game

Guilty Pleasure. How does that phrase even exist? How can something be pleasurable if it brings us guilt? I mean, if on the weekend you love binging The Real Housewives, spending hours on Pinterest creating boards, or scrolling golf swing videos one after another on...

Hello…. It’s “Past” Me

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? Doing this self-care practice can be a really cathartic and insightful experience! And, we have the perfect tool to help; This incredible website allows you to write an email based letter to yourself...

Self-care After Receiving a Hurtful Email

As long as there is email, there will be occasional hurtful messages. We know words can cause pain and your feelings matter. While we cannot stop these emails from arriving into your inbox, there are some things we believe can help save you time, stress and heartache....

Welcome to Steeping Wellness

During these unique times, Steeping Wellness is increasing their support by posting self care tips several times a week on social media.  While our business began aimed at assisting the well-being of educators, we’re also focused to help support medical professionals during this time.  We also know that this time is hard for everyone and we welcome anyone to like our Facebook page or us on Instagram and utilize these tips.  We’re here to help!   #YouCantPourFromAnEmptyCup

COVID-19 Self Care Resources: Steeping Wellness articles including suggested resources we recommend to support your well-being during these times can be found on our blog. 

The whole idea of Steeping Wellness is just that: for school districts, companies, and other organizations to slowly infuse wellness opportunities for employees in order to help balance their lives and better support the lives of those served.  

“The wisdom of our decision to partner with Steeping Wellness has been repeatedly confirmed.  As fellow educators, Kalise and Pam understand both the joy and the challenges inherent in our demanding work. Their resources are relevant, purposeful, and valued.  Our partnership with Steeping Wellness is making a significant and positive difference in the well-being of our employees.”

Annette VanHook Thompson, Ed.D.

District Administrator, Dodgeland School District

Steeping Wellness is rooted in helping school districts to support the well-being of educators so they can then go on to the tough work of taking care of their students, tackling equity and social justice issues, creating environments to support Social-Emotional Learning, aiding students with trauma, and more. With over 30 years of combined experience in the classroom and over 15 years of School Wellness Programming experience, our programs will effectively and efficiently enhance the climate of well-being in your district for a positive, sustainable future. Take a closer look at how school district wellness programs have a positive impact on the lives of educators, students, families, and more on our Why School Wellness? page.

While we’re rooted in well-being for educators, our proven programs have also been shown to greatly impact businesses.  Whether you’re just beginning to explore the importance of employee wellness programs, wanting to bring in a presenter for personal development, seeking advice on your wellness program, or interested in providing a place of restoration and relaxation during the workday for your employees, we’re here for you. Visit our business page to learn more.

Learn more about Steeping Wellness by listening to our podcast with The Education Movement.

We’re here to help! We can start with a phone conversation. Click here to contact us. Let’s explore what’s right for your district or business.

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“As a school district leader, I have been impressed with Kalise through her countless ideas, innovations, and thoughtful opportunities to engage staff in wellness.  By our District contracting with Kalise at Steeping Wellness, our staff has access to an educator who understands K-12 Education and the physical and emotional challenges associated with our important work to serve children, families, and our communities.  I encourage your organization to ‘Be Well’ with a facilitator, leader, and innovator who can meet employees where they are.  Wellness matters and your investment starts with meaningful guidance, support, and ownership.”

Tad Wehner

Director of Finance and Personnel, Edgerton School District

“I am incredibly thankful for the two of you (Pam and Kalise), for guiding me on this journey.  I am such a better person now than I was, because I pause.  It’s such a critical aspect of living a happy, healthy life.  Thank you.”


8th grade teacher

“Kalise took the time to listen to our needs and was flexible in customizing what we both felt would benefit our staff.”

Karen Gonzalez

Human Resources Manager, Whitnall School District

We were honored to have the opportunity to donate a Steeping Studio to ThedaCare Waupaca to support the hospital staff.  Take a look at the article and video which features both the Waupaca (where we donated) and Appleton hospitals.

We’re filled with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be on this special podcast and to meet a new friend and educator from New Orleans. Listen to the podcast
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